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FirstCourt Property Limited was incorporated in August, 2011. With RC no 974583 and Tax Identification No - 11572625-0001

By infusing intelligence and innovation into the way people search for property, find a buyer, tenant or locate an expert, we create a unique property experience for all our customers.

Offering clients easier ways to discover lucrative real estate opportunities, we’ve become a recognized and respected brand for property; operating successful businesses ranging from residential and commercial property to property management, short-term rentals and international property.

Focused with the aim of responding to the continuing development of Nigeria in the field of property, land and infrastructure development and with the tremendous population increase over the last three decades and the obvious continuing growth, there is a high demand for all types of infrastructure and property development especially for housing.

We are FirstCourt and we are all about helping you make smart real estate decisions that move your life.

Our clients, in return, take care of us - by coming back and bringing their acquaintances with them.